Even Goldilocks had to try a few options before finding something that was juuuust right. You need to experiment too: adding and removing workflows in Jira to get your setup just right.

With Jira 5.2, it’s easy to add, remove and swap workflows to find the perfect set for your project. Check it out:


Experiment with Change

There are endless possibilities when it comes to setting up workflows. Here are some examples of popular tweaks you can make to get the workflow for each issue type just right:

Keep a Record of Simple Tasks

Some of the items you track in Jira are as simple as crossing something off your list. For items that exist in only one of two states (to do or done), set up a very simple workflow.

Enter your tasks in Jira, easily cross things off your list by closing them out as you finish tasks, and have a record of completed work that’s easy to pull up later.

  • Copy the Jira default workflow.
  • Edit the Reopen issue transition to go from Closed to Open.
  • Delete the In Progress, Reopened and Resolved steps
  • Go to the workflow scheme for your project, and add this new workflow for just the Task issue type.

Review important items

Whether you need to Verify a bug fix, Approve a change request, or Sign Off on task completion, you can make a simple workflow change and have your workflow ready to use for any issue that needs review.

Copy the Jira default workflow and replace the Resolved step with the new review step of your choice. Add your incoming and outgoing transitions and you’re set. Go to the workflow scheme for your project and associate this new workflow with the issue types that need review.

Give it a spin

Keep your team moving forward by adopting new workflows as projects evolve. What would you change about your workflow? Post a comment below!

Jira OnDemand customers have early access to this exciting new feature. Jira download customers will see this come in a future production release soon, and can try it today in Jira 5.2m6, available for download through our early access program.

Jira 5.2 sneak peek: Experiment with Change...