Those of us who’ve taken the red pill and gone down the rabbit hole know: Jira can enable almost any process. Whether it’s converting Neil Young’s Lincoln to an electric vehicle or powering a toaster, Jira’s flexibility let’s us keep pace with the unique needs of every project.

A large part of Jira’s power and flexibility lies in screens. Screens let you capture different pieces of information at different points in your process, like a time estimate before someone starts work, or a due date when assigning a task.

But the information you want to capture will change over time. Change is the only constant for those of us in Wonderland.

Respond to Change

Perhaps the QA team wants developers to add relevant labels when resolving a bug, because they’ve recently started testing groups of similar issues all at once. You’ll want to tweak the Resolve Issue screen in Jira to add the Labels field.

That’s why I’m excited to tell you about the new Jira screen designer! Now you can:

  • Add fields quickly
  • Add and Edit tab names in-line
  • Reorder fields and tabs via drag-and-drop

The new screen designer makes setting up Jira screens just the way you need them simple and quick! Check out how easy it is to add, remove and re-order fields on all your Jira screens.



Take it for a spin

Jira download customers will see this come in a future production release, and it’s now available on Jira 5.2 EAP 3 through our Early Access Program.

Jira OnDemand customers have early access to this exciting new feature thanks to Scott Harwood, a JavaScript Developer on the Jira team. Scott added this early-access feature to Jira OnDemand as part of our most recent ShipIt day.

Jira Early Access Download

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