Quick – what did you work on yesterday, and what’s at the top of your list for today?

If you can’t form an intelligent answer until you’ve finished your first cup of coffee, Jira’s new system filters are here to save your day.

Use these new filters to manage your morning:

  • My Open Issues – unresolved issues assigned to you
  • Recently Viewed – your issue view history
  • Reported by Me – issues you’ve reported

The Stand-Up

Smile and relax on your morning commute knowing you’re ready to go. Next time you walk in 30 seconds before stand up, jump to the filters you need from anywhere in Jira using the Issues drop-down menu, and you’ll be ready to give status updates before the coffee pot has finished brewing.

What’s on fire?

When a wide-eyed, frantic looking project manager stops you between filling your mug and walking back your desk, you already know what might affect the team meeting a deadline.

You can add to the Favorites list to get quick access to any filter you like. Use Jira’s instant search to zero in on blockers for the next release or high priority items, and save that search as a new Filter.


What’s happening in my project today?

Right as you lift the brew to your lips, the boss comes looking for an update. You don’t have to carve out 15 minutes of prep time and ask him to come back. Use Jira’s instant search bar to find all the issues in your project that are In Progress. Your list updates immediately, so you have an answer for the boss before he even asks.

Don’t delay, upgrade today

Fast access to your assigned issues and the ones you’ve recently viewed will remind you of your priorities and help you stay focused on the work that really matters. Jira 5.2 is available today, so what are you waiting for? Download and upgrade Jira now!

Download Jira 5.2 Today

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