People love the re-imagined search experience in Jira 5.2. The awesome power of Jira lies in its flexibility, and harnessing that power can be a daunting task, so let’s take a look at some of the other things our hard-working development team shipped in Jira 5.2 to make it easier than ever for you to configure, tweak and customize Jira to your hearts content!

Re-order Gadget Columns

A while ago we walked through 5 steps to build a killer dashboard, and along the way, we used the Filter Results gadget to display a list of issues in of one of our own Jira filters. A great dashboard lets you keep a close watch on exactly the details you care about, eliminating any visual clutter.

That’s why Penny Wyatt, Jira QA Team Lead, and Tim Moore, OnDemand Development Team lead, added the ability to configure the column order to the Filter Results gadget.

Configuring Screens

There are endless possibilities to the ways you can configure your set of workflows for a project and the screens that capture information at different points within each workflow.

Screens let you capture different pieces of information at different points in your process, like a time estimate before someone starts work, or a due date when assigning a task. The new screen designer makes setting up Jira screens just the way you need them simple and quick.

Workflow Sets

Keep your team moving forward by adopting new workflows as projects evolve. It’s easy to add, remove and swap workflows to find the perfect set for your project.

Don’t delay, upgrade today

There’s so much good stuff we couldn’t fit it all into our blog posts – Jira 5.2 is available today, so what are you waiting for? Download and upgrade Jira now!

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