The create and edit dialogs in Jira 5 make working with issues faster by letting you see focus on just the fields you care about most and remembering your preferences from one interaction to another. Your current work stays in the background, so you can quickly get back to whatever else you were working on.

That new edit dialog makes editing multiple fields super quick, and for Jira 5.1 we challenged ourselves to make editing even faster. We performed analysis across a number of Jira instances and found that the majority of edits to issues involve just a single field change.

Now in Jira 5.1:

  • You can modify an issue’s fields directly in-line when viewing the issue
  • Operations on the ‘view issue’ page no longer require a page reload
  • We introduced full keyboard shortcut support for editing single fields

Check out the demo video:

Faster Edits

Jira 5.1 continues on from where Jira 5.0 left off: the edit dialog makes editing many fields at once super quick, and now Jira 5.1 gives users the ability to edit an issue’s fields directly ‘inline’ for a speedier editing experience on single field changes.

When viewing an issue, simply click on a field’s content to begin editing it. Once you’ve finished editing, simply hit enter or mouse-click on the lower-right tick icon to save your changes.

Inline editing works for all types of Jira fields, even with fields that come from plugins.

No Waiting

The best part of Jira 5.1 is so quick, you’ll probably miss it: all inline edits, comments, issue operations and transitions now happen without page reloads.

Each time you make a change, Jira updates the issue immediately! We’ve eliminated page reloads for almost everything you’ll do to an issue in Jira 5.1.


If you prefer to keep your hands on the keyboard, we’ve got you covered. The ‘.’ dialog introduced in Jira 4.4 is the fastest way to perform issue operations, and we wanted to match that speed for single field edits.

In Jira 5.1, typing “,” will bring up the field selector, so you can change any single field without touching your mouse.

Try it Now!

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