In the early days of a software startup, engineers do all the work to bring a product to market. But as a company grows, so too do the number of people who share in the product launch activities.

Where Atlassian provides products and tools to help teams collaborate and manage tasks, Atlassian Summit provides the direction. And this year’s Summit will be different insofar as we’re seeking not only highly-knowledgeable customers to present their case studies, but also other experts who can give talks about building high-performance teams.

It Takes a Village

For most companies, even startups, product and services development is no longer solely the realm of engineering teams. These days, product launches are a whole team or company-wide effort — from product management and engineering, to agile project management and QA, to technical support and tech writing — as well as outside vendors, UX designers, and more. At Atlassian, it also includes DevOps, product marketing, marketing communications, customer service, and our Expert ecosystem. Our mission at Atlassian Summit this year is to discuss the “art of the team” and help product teams grease the wheels to churn out higher-quality milestones faster.

Seeking Expert Teams

Many of the talks at this year’s event will be about getting the most out of our products. But creating high-performance teams is more than just the products you choose. It’s also the approaches you take, the ways you collaborate, and the ways you measure success.

This is a testimonial from a Summit 2011 survey, but it points in the direction of the spirit of Summit 2012 (emphasis added):

The Atlassian Summit was more than just a promotion for itself, but rather a promotion for better practices all around the IT field, while offering its services to make it all possible. The event can best be described as a giant war room of fellow Atlassian followers looking for the best way to improve their code productivity, along with becoming aware of capabilities they may already have in their arsenal. I would highly recommend this to anyone, be it tester, coder, organizer, or manager, who really wants to raise their applications to a higher level.

Summit is for everyone who is involved in the lifecycle of a product and who could benefit from hearing how high performance teams — from the largest multinationals to startups — are using agile practices for churning out great work. Your extended team can benefit from Summit this year… because this year, Summit will focus on not just our products, but also on improving team performance.

Share your Expertise

Do you love to talk about agile project management? Or building and motivating high-performance teams? Are you versed in the secrets of design thinking, software craftsmanship or product innovation? Then we want to hear from you, too! We are currently accepting speaking abstracts about Atlassian product case studies, as well as on building stronger teams and improving outcomes. Speakers, of course, get a free pass to the event.

Early bird pricing is available for Atlassian Summit for three more weeks for what will be the most ambitious event we’ve ever done. Hope to see you there!

It Takes a Village to Launch a Product...