Since the beginning of time, teams have struggled to work together, and yet even today it’s still incredibly difficult to drive a group of people towards a common goal.

Modern business is sink or swim, demanding high levels of collaboration from teams to achieve even higher results. Unfortunately, we still don’t have team collaboration figured out, as most teams swim without life vests – desperately working just to keep their heads above water.

Your Team May Be At Risk

Is your team under performing? Is working together like pulling teeth? Is your inbox flooded with emails, and your calendar full of back to back meetings? If you answered yes to any of the above, then the writing is on the wall…your team may be suffering from CD.

Collaborative Dysfunction is a team’s inability to work together or maintain collaboration long enough to achieve satisfactory results. There are many clear symptoms that indicate if your team has CD, but if you have ever found yourself in a meeting lasting longer than 4 hours you should seek immediate medical attention. Stop living with CD today!

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Is Your Team Suffering from Collaborative Dysfunct...