This is a guest post by Jeff Kunkle from NIC Labs. Announced at Atlassian Summit 2010, Mini Confluence Enterprise Edition is an application for your smartphone that allows you view and interact with your enterprise wiki on an iPhone, Android or Blackberry device. This post will describe the different features of the application, accompanied by screenshots.

Mini Confluence puts your wiki in your pocket

Mini Confluence Enterprise Edition (MCEE) is a mobile client for your existing Confluence installation. It isn’t a theme or skin tailored for mobile devices; it’s a separate interface designed and optimized for the unique constraints of mobile devices. Using a companion plugin for Confluence, we’re able to minimize the amount of traffic sent over the network to make it super fast. You may never use Confluence the same way again.

NIC Labs have developed native clients for the iPhone and Android devices that are currently available through the App Store and Android Marketplace. There’s also a mobile web client version for any device with a modern web browser. We’re currently focusing on iPhone, Android, and Blackberry devices and may consider others in the future.

All the essentials in a smaller package


Quickly scan news, comments, status updates and pages with a customizable dashboard.

Social Networking

Post comments, update status, edit pages, create news, and more. Never lose touch with your intranet.


Run a full-text search on pages, comments and attachments. Finding those project requirements in your technical documentation just got faster.

Favorite People

Use favorites to mark the people you work with most often. Optional filtering on the iPhone allows you to see only posts from your favorite people.

Multiple Accounts

Do you have a separate intranet, documentation or knowledge management solution? Switch between multiple instances of Confluence without retyping passwords.

Take it for a spin with our beta program

We’re currently offering a beta program through August 31st for users to try out Mini Confluence Enterprise Edition. Please sign up now for free and let us know what you think. Your feedback drives what we work on, so please don’t be shy.

Try it now

Download the app on your iPhone or Android and connect it to the Confluence Sandbox (Username: sandbox, Password: sandbox). Trust me, you won’t believe how fast it is!

iPhone and Android app to take your enterprise wik...