Here’s an interview I did last week with Jonathan Nolen about the SharePoint Connector for Confluence. The Connector has been very popular; there have been well north of 250 downloads of the Connector since our announcement last October.
When we launched it, we had wanted to have a video showing all the features, but couldn’t pull it together in the 11th hour. We finally got around to it. It’s 12-minutes long, features my handy camera work (high school cinema class was the last time I tried to make a video; thankfully iMovie helped clean it up a bit), and Jonathan runs through the features and discusses each as he goes.

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You can also find this video on our new AtlassianTV page. We’re launching a marketing campaign starting today to announce our new video channel. AtlassianTV will feature discussion about Atlassian products and more general topics for developers and systems administrators. Thanks to Matt for kicking things off with Talking Nerdy a couple weeks ago. The SharePoint video is not nearly as entertaining, but hopefully more informative 🙂

(Video) The SharePoint Connector for Confluence...