This is a guet blog post by Kenji Hiranabe, CEO at Change Vision, Inc.

Hello from Japan!

We are proud to announce that we have just released “Astah UML Macro Plugin for Confluence“. This is our first plugin release from Change Vision that integrates Astah with Atlassian products. Have you ever heard of the name “Astah”?

If you are using Confluence and UML diagrams in your project, this plugin is for you! Astah is a full-featured UML2.x standalone editor used worldwide by 400,000 users. And now this plugin allows you to easily insert diagrams created with Astah into Confluence. Inserting diagrams is intuitive and easy, just like inserting Word or Excel files into Confluence.

  1. Attach Astah file to the Wiki.
  2. Add [Astah] Macro from [Select Macro] list.
  3. Choose the Astah file on Macro Browser.

Astah has three editions: Community, UML, and Professional. The main difference is which diagrams are supported. “Astah Community” supports UML 2.x diagrams. “Astah UML” supports Mindmap and Process Diagram in addtion to Community diagrams. And “Astah Professional” supports ER Diagram, CRUD, DFD, Flowchart, Requirement Table, Requirement Diagram in addtion to UML and Community diagrams.

Astah also has an iPad edition called “Astah UML pad”. “Astah UML pad” allows you to write UML Class Diagrams really easy and export them into an XMI file. The file can be loaded by “Astah Professional” and you can fully edit your UML diagrams from there.

“Astah UML Macro Plugin for Confluence” supports all Astah files to be inserted into Confluence. Furthermore, “Astah UML Macro Plugin for Confluence”, “Astah Community”, and “Astah UML pad” are free tools!

We are very eager to collaborate with more Atlassian products in the future.

Thank you,

Hiroki and Kenji, Change Vision.

Introduction of Astah UML Macro Plugin for Confluence