We’re excited to announce a new OEM agreement with WANdisco. They have developed a new product, Jira MultiSite and Jira Clustering (one product, two configurations) that offers high availability and scalability for Jira. This partnership helps underscore Jira’s capabilities as a platform for building powerful new extensions. The product leverages WANdisco’s ‘active-active’ replication capabilities. These capabilities support clustering over a WAN or LAN, providing automated system failover and “self-healing” disaster recovery that eliminates the need for either administrator intervention or costly third party disk mirroring solutions.
Some of the features of Jira MultiSite include:

  • Allowing IT organizations to gain immediate visibility into individual issue and overall project status across all development sites.
  • Balancing workload across servers at multiple locations.
  • No single point of failure since there is no sharing of disk, CPU or memory between servers with Jira MultiSite.

Jira Clustering allows for:

  • Clustering over a LAN to balance workload across multiple Jira servers at a single location.
  • Each server in the cluster to have its own independent database replica that is kept in sync with all of the others.
  • Failover and automated disaster recovery to insure business continuity.

So what’s the bottom line? Ultimately this means issues are submitted and addressed in a timely manner, rework of coding and QA are minimized and code is properly safeguarded at all times. All of this should add up to tremendous time and costs savings for IT departments and software development teams.
Jira MultiSite and Clustering are being sold exclusively by WANdisco through an OEM partnership and can be implemented standalone or in conjunction with WANdisco’s solutions for Subversion and CVS. Visit their website for more information.

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