This is a guest blog post submitted by Jonathan Doklovic. Jonathan is Founder and CEO of Systems Bliss Inc., an Atlassian Partner. Jonathan has been using Atlassian tools and writing plugins for them for over 5 years and has over 25 years of development experience.
His goal is to blissfully skip through a field filled with fluffy bunnies while automated systems are doing his bidding.

Introducing The Bamboo Sauce Plugin


Did you ever dream of a day when someone would put the fun back into functional testing?

What if you could simply write tests? No server setup, no crazy base classes, no VM’s to handle every browser known to man, just pure and simple test code.

Now imagine running your tests on an army of machines all using different OS/browser combinations in parallel, giving you a 10x speedup in your test suites.

Not enough? What if everything was recorded as embeddable video, had seamless ssh tunnel support, and was completely automated?

With the recent release of the Bamboo Sauce plugin from Sauce Labs and SysBliss, that day has come! This plugin is in beta – so let us know how it’s working for you – and how we can make it work better!

Multiple Cloud Based Browsers

The Bamboo Sauce plugin enables your builds to connect with the Sauce OnDemand cloud based Selenium service easily with a one-time admin configuration.

Once connected, each Bamboo plan can configure build specfic settings and choose from a large list of possible OS/Browser combinations.

This eliminates the need for on-site test browser administration and speeds up testing 10x by enabling parallel cross-browser testing.


Behind a Firewall? No Problem

One of the advantages to Sauce Labs’ OnDemand setup is that all the code remains on your server, snug and secure behind whatever protection you feel is best.

But it does give rise to one small problem – how do you run tests against your private network from the cloud?

Bamboo Sauce solves this problem by creating a direct SSH Tunnel from the cloud to a specific test server on your private network.

This can be setup per plan and can be completely customized.


Grab Some Popcorn and Watch Your Tests

Automating front-end testing is great, but what happens when tests fail? How can you tell exactly what happened and why the error occurred?

Simple; Sauce TV.

Sauce OnDeman provides screenshots and video recordings of each test, and with SauceTV, you can watch the tests in real time, catching failures before the tests even finish!

Bamboo Sauce allows you to choose which plans have video recorded and which plans do not.


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Introducing The Bamboo Sauce Plugin...