Atlassian Support is pleased to announce the release of the Support Tools Plugin for Jira 4.1 and Confluence 3.1 and higher. The Support Tools plugin was created by the Atlassian Support team to help our customers get the answers they need more quickly. Confluence and Jira Administrators now have a whole new way to help themselves and keep their users happy.

Hercules, Now Available To Go

Hercules Logo
The Support Tools Plugin brings the power of Hercules to your Jira and Confluence instances. Hercules matches the symptoms of known problems with articles and bug reports. A simple scan of your log files can help you fix problems quickly, even before anyone notices that there’s anything wrong. Best of all, our engineers are constantly entering new tips and tricks and updating the old tricks, so you get the most up-to-date help whenever you scan your logs. Hercules can help diagnose and prevent problems on your live instance, or find potential problems with configuration changes and upgrades on your test instance.

A Quick Demo of Hercules

Once the plugin is installed (see below), you’ll see a “Support Tools” link in your administration panel. Clicking that link takes you to the list of available tools. The Support Tools Plugin already knows where your logs are, so you can just hit the “Scan” button to check your logs for known problems.
Hercules Scan in Progress
In a few seconds (or minutes, depending on the size of your log file), you’ll see a list of known problems with links to solutions:
Support Tools Results

Speed Dial for Atlassian Support

If Hercules doesn’t provide the help you need, the Support Tools Plugin features an improved support request feature. The support request feature helps you create a ticket that includes configuration files and logs our engineers can use to more quickly resolve your problem. You control which information is sent, and if you have concerns about sending your information to us via email, there’s also a support zip tool, which lets you package up your information and review it locally before sending it to our support team through our support web site.

More Information

The plugin is available now for Jira 4.1 and for Confluence 3.1 and higher. You can find the plugin in the Plugin Repository in the Confluence administration panel and in the Universal Plugin Manager in both Jira and Confluence. You can also download the plugin from its home page and install it manually.
There are plans to bring the Support Tools plugin to our other products, starting with Fisheye and Bamboo. We’re also thinking up new features to help you keep things running smoothly, so stay tuned for updates to the plugin.
Do you have ideas about useful tools that would help administrators working with our products? Enter a feature request in the plugin’s Jira project. We’d love to hear from you.

Introducing the Atlassian Support Tools Plugin