AtlasCamp is right around the corner (next week!), and–act fast–the event is almost sold out! With such positive energy and such great attendance already, I’m very pleased to announce the addition of a short commercial track to Tuesday’s agenda. The commercial track will cater more towards commercial plugin developers, those of us interested in selling plugins, products, or integrations. The track will include a 45-minute talk on how to market your plugin, from 3:15-4:00, followed by a roundtable discussion about licensing, from 4:00-4:45. Marketing Your Plugin is covered in more detail below, and you can learn more about the licensing discussion. For your reference here is the AtlasCamp 2010 schedule.

Marketing Your Plugin will provide a deep dive into ways you can market your plugin and drive more sales of your commercial plugin. This talk not only covers ways in which you can leverage Atlassian’s infrastructure and resources, but it also covers topics ranging from search engine optimization (SEO) to press releases, sales funnels to website design, measurement tools to pricing strategies, and much more. If you’ve ever wondered how you might grow your audience or drive more sales, then this talk will be interesting and useful.

And while I’m here I’d like to quickly introduce myself. My name is Alex, and I’m the new product marketing manager for the developer ecosystem. Our job here on the developer relations team is to make each and every one of you successful, and I’m super excited to be a part of such a blooming, energetic community. Please say hello and introduce yourself at AtlasCamp!
We look forward to see you all at AtlasCamp!

Introducing the AtlasCamp Commercial Track: Market...