We’re happy to announce the release of Jira 3.12. The latest version of Jira provides a number of enhancements, and with over 100 improvements, it paves the way for the for the upcoming launch of Jira Studio.

Major highlights of this release include:

‘Trusted’ Confluence

The major feature of this release is the ability to ‘trust’ Confluence. For people who use both Jira and Confluence, the ability to configure a ‘trust’ relationship between the two will allow for a seamless end-user experience. So for example, the ‘Jira Issues’ macro will now display exactly the same list of issues on a Confluence page that the user would see in the Jira Issue Navigator. No longer is there a need to hard-code Jira user names and passwords on a Confluence page. Please note that you will need to install the forthcoming Confluence 2.7 or later.

‘Jira Systems Administrator’ Permission

Also included in this release is a new global permission, ‘Jira System Administrators’. This will be particularly useful for organisations where the Jira administrators are not necessarily the same people who are responsible for maintaining the file system and network environment.
Granting the ‘Jira System Administrators’ permission to only a controlled number of people will give your Windows or UNIX administrators greater peace of mind, while people with the ‘Jira Administrators’ permission can enjoy full control over JIRA-specific administration.
To learn about more features included in Jira 3.12, keep reading below:

Fisheye Plugin Bundled

The Fisheye plugin bundled with Jira 3.12 automatically detects Jira issue-keys in your code commit messages. Within your Jira issues and projects, relevant commit messages will be displayed along with links to the Fisheye changesets and files — and (optionally) Crucible code reviews.

Improvements to the Subversion Plugin

Using the Subversion plugin (available separately), it is now possible to configure Subversion repositories from within Jira. No longer do you need to deal with .properties files and bounce Jira every time you make a change! If you have existing SVN repositories configured in your properties file, the new SVN plugin will read that information and create identical settings for you.

Improvements to the ‘Project Statistics’ and ‘Filter Statistic’ Portlets

The Project Statistics portlet and the Filter Statistic portlet now show the total number of issues that match the filter, e.g.:

New Post Function for Workflows: ‘Assign to Current User’

With the new post function ‘Assign to Current User’, you can now automatically assign an issue to the logged-in user when the issue moves through a particular workflow transition.
This is useful if you need to assign an issue to the logged-in user under particular circumstances, but not give them full rights to assign issues. For example, on Atlassian’s support system, when a support specialist clicks ‘Start Investigating’, the issue is automatically assigned to them — even if they don’t have ‘Assign Issues’ permission.

Enhanced Language Support for Searching

The range of available languages for Jira search indexes has been expanded. This means that even more people around the world can now choose to have Jira index their issue data in their native language.

Visual SourceSafe Plugin

The new VSS plugin displays Microsoft Visual SourceSafe commit information (along with the changed paths) related to Jira issues, projects or project versions. This plugin is in beta and available for a separate download.
Upgrading to Jira 3.12 is free for all customers with active Jira software maintenance as at 30 November 2007.
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Jira 3.12 has arrived!...