In our last major release, Team Calendars 4, we moved away from calendar types to event types so that you could centralize your team’s schedule into fewer calendars. Shortly after the release, a feature request for custom event types was logged on our public issue tracker (about one year ago). We had no idea it would gain so much traction:

  • It accumulated over 430 votes, 260 watchers, and 120 comments.
  • It’s the 13th most voted open feature request for all our products (some of which have been open for years!).
  • It’s 20th in terms of all-time votes on any feature request across all products.
  • Combined with Confluence feature requests, it’s #2 most voted.

It was a, ‘DUH!’ moment for the team. We’re excited to announce that custom event types is now available in Team Calendars 5.

Custom event types for real-life schedules

Your schedule isn’t one size fits all. The events you typically schedule don’t always fit into pre-defined settings like, ‘Leave’, ‘Travel’, ‘Jira issues’, or generic ‘Events’. Real life is complicated, especially for teams. Custom event types let you build a better calendar, so you can organize the chaos and keep your team aligned.


1. Plan any date that matters to your team

If you’ve used Team Calendars before, you’ve likely overused the ‘Event’ event type to cover your scheduling needs – lumping disparate events, like system downtime and team training, under ‘Events’. Now when you go to add a new event, you can add a custom event type and choose one of the event icons bundled in Team Calendars.


We offer 13 different icons for events like system maintenance, work from home days, company-wide meetings, training sessions, or even your team’s weekly happy hour. If you’ve got an event, we’ve got an icon for it.


2. Visualize and filter your calendar like never before

One of the best parts of the new event types is that it makes it easy to visualize your schedule. Now that your events aren’t all lumped under a single color, you can better gauge what’s on the calendar. You can further consume that information using filters, so you can just see whatever events are important to you at the current moment.


3. Personalize your team’s schedule

The Calendars view is useful for building a calendar that’s relevant to you. With custom event types, you can now subscribe to the exact events that are relevant to you from the calendars of the cross-functional teams you work with every day. While you might not filter your immediate team’s calendar events, you might filter for the leave and milestone calendars of the other teams you work closest with.


Try Team Calendars 5 now

When we launched Team Calendars 4 last year, we said we were giving you ‘One calendar to rule them all’. With Team Calendars 5 we’re making good on that promise. Try it today!

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Introducing Team Calendars 5: Build your schedule with custom event types