In the last two years we’ve pumped Confluence Team Calendars full of new features over the course of 22 releases. We’re proud of our development speed and happy about how far the product has come in such a short time.

In our latest release, Team Calendars 4.2, we haven’t delivered a new feature, we’ve delivered all of the features you already use everyday, just faster.

Speed isn’t everything, but it is today

The need for Team Calendars in your day-to-day is pretty simple. You want to be able to check, add to, and manage your schedule. But we’ve heard that sometimes, especially if you have a large number of events and calendars, accomplishing these tasks was taking entirely too long.

We spent the last few months rethinking our underlying architecture so that you can have the same speedy experience no matter how many calendars and events you have. I won’t bore you with the technical details, the results speak for themselves.


We also improved some of the calendar management functions so you can stop waiting for changes to be made and get on with your workday.


Find the calendars you’re looking for

While we didn’t aim to build a new feature this release, the work we did on the back-end paid off immediately. Now you can find your calendars faster than ever by searching in your quick navigation.


Try Team Calendars 4.2 now

We sincerely hope you enjoy the improved performance of Team Calendars and that you view and manage your schedules faster than ever.

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Note: Team Calendars 4.2 requires Confluence 5.2 or higher.

Introducing Team Calendars 4.2: Speed, performance, scale