Atlassian’s goal is to help you and your team do the best work of your lives, every day. To accomplish that, it’s important that we listen to the feedback that comes from our 34,000 customers (and counting!) regarding our products, support services, and – you guessed it – our legal agreements.

In response to such feedback, we’re proud to introduce the new Atlassian Customer Agreement, which we consider to be a significant improvement on our previous Atlassian End User Agreement. We know legal terms are boring, but this is important stuff, so we hope you’ll take the time to read it.


New Atlassian Customer Agreement

The major changes we made, and why

  • We made the agreement easier to read and understand. We did this by using more plain English and by stripping out unnecessary detail. We also moved some detail out of the body of the agreement, allowing readers to avoid having to read provisions that do not apply to them. For example, the terms that apply only to Bitbucket users are in a separate link, which makes them not only easier to find for Bitbucket users, but spares non-Bitbucket users from having to read them.
  • We changed certain terms to make them more customer friendly. We have replaced overly broad language that appeared in portions of the End User Agreement – for example, our ability to remove your data from our hosted services at any time in our sole discretion. Since we have never intended to use this clause in the manner the language suggests, we’ve updated the agreement to match our actual business practices.
  • We added more explicit language about the risks and limitations of our products and services. This allows you to make a better-informed decision about whether our products and services are right for you. For example, while we offer many free and low-priced products and services (such as starter licenses), many of our customers spend substantial amounts with us. In order to offer them legal protections commensurate with their spend, we cannot take on disproportionate liability for free products or for customers who spend little with us. So, while many of our products and services operate the same way whether they are free or paid, paid customers will be entitled to greater legal protections from us.

This new Customer Agreement will be effective starting April 28, 2014 for free accounts and new purchases. For existing licenses and subscriptions, the new agreement will take effect on your first renewal after this date. If your maintenance or subscription is set to auto-renew, and you are not willing to accept the terms of the new agreement, please make sure to cancel prior to your next renewal.

We are grateful for your business and look forward to a bright future together. Please direct any questions you have to

Introducing the new Atlassian Customer Agreement...