Our latest release is here! Jira Service Desk 1.1 brings you

  • SLA calendars
  • Request groups
  • Multilingual support

SLA calendars

You asked, we listened. Over 100 people voted up on JSD-16, a request to provide working calendars in Jira Service Desk. We’re pleased to announce that as of today, we’ve officially added calendars to our already powerful Service Level Agreement (SLA).


Even your crazy-busy IT team needs to get some sleep. Set your time zone and schedule working hours, and Jira Service Desk will automatically pause SLA timers when you’re out of the office.


Do you have customers and IT teams in different time zones? SLA calendars account for that. And that’s not all: when you apply a calendar to an existing SLA, Jira Service Desk will automatically recompute performance against the SLA and update its related reports. With Jira Service Desk, you’ll be able to manage your customer requests and SLAs better than ever.


Request groups

Asking for help shouldn’t be complicated. That’s why we designed Jira Service Desk with a clean customer portal that makes it fast and easy for customers to submit requests. What if your service desk grows to 20+ different types of requests? Rather than providing a long list of requests for your customers to scroll through, you can now group related requests on the customer portal by categories.


Creating these groups just takes a few clicks from the agent interface. Simply type the group name once, and Jira Service Desk will auto-complete it for the other requests. You can also set up requests within multiple groups. Groups make it easy for your customers to ask for help, and for your service desk to scale.


Internationalization: ¡Hola!, Bonjour!, and more

In addition to English, Jira Service Desk is now available in Spanish, French, German, and Japanese.


Say “こんにちは” to SLA in Japanese,


“Danke” to customer requests in German,


and “Et voilà!” queues in French.

Jira Service Desk is available now for a free 30-day trial, OnDemand or download. Pricing starts at just $10 for 10 users.


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