Jira Agile 6.3 is here! Formerly GreenHopper, Jira Agile has undergone more than just a name change — we’ve integrated agile more tightly into Jira than ever before: Jira Agile fully adopts ADG, the Atlassian Design Guidelines, for a more polished and consistent experience with Jira; Sprint and epic are now fully addressable entities within Jira so you can get a more holistic agile experience inside of Jira; And we’ve also delivered features to satisfy over 800 votes on jira.atlassian.com!

Jira and Jira Agile: Better together

One of the most exciting features in Jira Agile 6.3 is that agile concepts now are featured all throughout Jira. It’s easy to see and update epics in detail view as well as sprint information inline with the rest of the issue details.


Sprints and epics are also first-class citizens in JQL, Jira’s query language. Users are now able to narrow down issues by epic and sprint by using filters. Engineering and project managers can easily set of filters to track current and future work and use them in dashboards and reports.

Jira Agile 6.3 unlocks key workflows for Confluence users as well. Product owners can create requirements documents in Confluence, and directly link in all of the issues from the corresponding epic.


Product owners can also directly enter user stories in Jira, and dynamically link them into Jira using the Jira issues macro and the JQL statement:

[cc lang=’sql’ ]”epic link” = Jira key of epic (eg, TIS-3)[/cc]

For more information on JQL, reference our four part JQL tutorial.

ADG: It’s more than polish

The Atlassian Design Guidelines (ADG) premiered in Jira with the release of Jira 6. I’m pleased to say the same great experience is now inside of Jira Agile. With larger monitors becoming the norm, customers wanted to see more information in Jira Agile’s detail view. The detail view is now resizable!


We’ve extended all of the investments we made with Jira 6 into Jira Agile 6.3: updated buttons, icons, menus, and typography all build a modern experience inside of Jira Agile. We’ve also increased contrast for a cleaner experience when working with an external projector in triage sessions.

Make sprint progress visible

One of the criticisms of agile from business users is that it’s hard to see exactly how the team is doing. Jira Agile 6.3 ships with a new sprint health gadget which elegantly displays all of the core components in a sprint for scrum teams. Business and technical users alike can easily share in the team’s success by tracking their progress from a Jira dashboard.


Does your organization have many scrum teams? You can easily aggregate multiple sprint health gadgets on one dashboard to show all teams working in context.

Highlight urgent issues quickly

Engineers sometimes find impediments that need to be resolved by the team quickly. Flagging an issue lets everyone on the team know this is a critical issue that requires immediate attention. To flag an issue, just right click the issue, and choose add flag. The issue’s background turns yellow to alert the team.


Once it’s resolved or a workaround is found, the flagger can easily remove the flag noting that this issue is no longer critical. The benefit of using a flag is that you keep the issue’s original priority intact.

But wait, there’s more!

Jira Agile 6.3 ships with even more features to make working with agile easier for your team. Each of the following features will make working in agile really, truly agile!

  • Right-click menu in work mode
  • Epic-based swimlanes
  • Keyboard shortcuts for plan, work, report mode (press ? in Jira Agile to learn more)
  • Create a new project and board easily, from anywhere
  • Set resolution automatically in simplified workflow
  • French, German, Japanese, and Spanish Translations bundled with Jira Agile

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