jmlSharing is great – but we all know how awkward it is when we forget to include someone. We’ve all done it, whether it’s forgetting to invite your boss to grab drinks or forgetting to invite your cousin to your wedding.  It turns out, the same problem happens with sharing in Confluence, too.  Until now.

You asked, our VP delivered

It all started with an improvement request on our public issue tracker. 184 votes, 93 Redbulls, and 216 Doritos later, the “Share with Groups” feature was born.  The key ingredient in this equation is our Vice President of Engineering, Jean-Michel Lemieux, who created this feature in his 20% time. He felt the same pain as our customers, and wanted to do something about it. A great example of the value ‘be the change you seek’ in action, and a chance for our VP to show off some serious coding chops.


Group Sharing

Group sharing is caring

The new ability to share pages and blogs with groups is both really useful and paramount to our mission: reducing friction and optimizing productivity in the workplace. It’s just one of many small improvements we’ve made to simplify your workflow, to make bringing your team together in Confluence effortless.

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