We make countless decisions every day at work. Most decisions aren’t easy since they often require input from multiple stakeholders. Think about how you normally make decisions at work – do long meetings, endless email threads, and numerous interruptions ring a bell? They all have pitfalls. Productive teams leverage collective knowledge to reach decisions without wasting time. We’ve identified the best-practices for effective decision-making and built a Blueprint so your team can benefit from them.

Make decisions and move forward

The Decisions Blueprint provides a simple, repeatable process for making decisions asynchronously amongst your team and recording them forever in Confluence so you can reference them later.

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1. Define: Who, what, when.

Bring everyone together in one place – no email, no conference rooms necessary. Define what your team needs to decide, who the major stakeholders are, and when the decision needs to be made.


2. Discuss: Hash it out, reach consensus.

Once you have everyone on one page it’s easy to foster meaningful discussion. Use comments and likes to give feedback, work out details, debate possible solutions, and reach consensus. With all of your conversations in one place, you’ll never have to waste time digging through your inbox to find that email thread again.


3. Record: Keep everyone informed.

Once your team has reached a decision it’s just as easy to record it in Confluence. Change the status of the decision so that everyone that contributed is notified. With everyone on the same page, it’s easy to keep progress moving forward.


4. Collect: Every decision in one place.

Want to refer back to see why a decision was made? The decision register collects all the decisions that your team has made on a single page. Now all your decisions are accessible to anyone who needs them, whenever they need them.


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