Managing your tasks can often be more work than the tasks themselves. The problem is that you typically manage your tasks in one place and do the actual work in another – but the two are inextricably tied. Tasks are the product of meetings, decisions, project planning, and all the other content you create with your team. Keeping tasks together with the actual work or people they correspond to is the key to being productive.

Tasks where you work

Confluence 5.5 introduces a new way to keep yourself and your team accountable and on track. Instead of siloing your tasks somewhere else, track them alongside the rest of your work in Confluence. Now your team can stay transparent and accountable, and most importantly, stay in one place: Confluence.

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1. Stay accountable with due dates

Most of the work you do is collaborative, and your tasks should reflect that. Keep everyone accountable for their individual work with due dates. Use @mentions to assign your task in any page, and the new date picker to select a date you want it accomplished by. When you save the page, Confluence will give you a visual reminder of when it’s due.


2. Better visibility with a new, dedicated task view

The most important part of managing your tasks is being able to quickly see all your tasks along with their due dates. The task view in Confluence allows you to see all of your upcoming tasks, when they’re due, and where they’re located. You can also filter to see tasks you’ve assigned to others, as well as those you’ve already completed. You finally have one place to see everything that needs to be done.


3. Increase team transparency with task reports

Transparency is the key to success for every project and people manager. You want to be able to see and report the progress of your team and projects, and make sure you are moving forward. The Task Report Blueprint makes it easy to create a quick wrap-up of all the tasks assigned to specific users or projects. You can see exactly what’s on your team’s plate, or what needs to get done for your project to reach the finish line.


More flexible reporting with the Task Report Macro

Want even more control of your task reports? You can add a detailed report to any page in Confluence with the new Task Report macro. Add tasks by page, space, user, label, or due date. You’ll never let a task get by you again.


Bring your work and tasks together

Stop relying on empty to-do lists, and connect your tasks to the people and work they relate to in Confluence.

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Introducing Confluence 5.5: Tasks where you work...