In Jira Service Desk 2.4, we’ve built an intelligent engine under the hood that automates common tasks and knows the next step so you don’t have to. This update includes:

  • Automation: With a simple, intuitive UI, the automation engine
    Automation_Bot_Croppedperforms actions based on specific events and conditions defined by you. Create action-based rules to do things such as update your customers and notify your team about issues that are about to breach SLA.
  • Live queues: An improved way for your agents to keep up-to-date with what’s important. Service desk queues now have a numeric indicator that will let you know when things need your attention. Live queues visually alert you to new tickets – no refresh required!

Learn more about automation and live queues in the the video below:


Continue reading to find out how Jira Service Desk 2.4 can help free up time by automating repetitive tasks and let your support team focus on getting things done.


Whether you find your team stuck completing repetitive tasks or missing important requests, you can use automation to stay on top of your work. The automation rules perform actions based on specific events and conditions. Out of the box, we’ll provide a handful of automation rules to help you boost productivity and burn down the queue (not literally, though). More importantly, we then give you the ability to write your own rules without needing to learn a new programming language or get expensive consulting. Write automation rules to support your customers the way you want.


Writing a custom automation rule is as easy as 1, 2, 3. First, decide the event that triggers this rule in the “WHEN” box, such as when a ticket is created. Second, add one or more conditions to the “IF” box. For example, this automation rule will act upon all tickets when the priority is set as “High” or if the issue type is set as “Fault.” Finally, select the action that will occur when the “IF” condition is met, such as notify the Admin. That’s it!


Here’s a pro-tip: automation rules can be triggered by SLAs. For example, when an issue is waiting for additional information from the customer, the automation rule can auto comment on the issue as a reminder when you create an SLA for your customer’s response. Forget chasing down customers for updates, let the automation do that for you!


Top benefits of automation

  • Increased productivity for your team
  • Consistent handling of issues
  • Notifying the right people promptly when needed

We’re hosting a webinar with the Atlassian service desk team on May 7th. We’ll be sharing tips on how our service desk team uses automation to prevent tickets from falling into the “black hole.” Join us and get quick tips on how to start crafting automation rules to help your team get more productive.

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Live queues

Now, at a quick glance, you’ll be able to tell how many issues are in a particular queue. More importantly, you’ll be aware of new issues as they’re raised. With live queue, numeric indicator will auto-update without needing to refresh the page. Keep your agents efficient and aware of the issues needing their attention as soon as they come in.


Customization and rich text

Customer portal logo

We’ve heard your feedback regarding circular customer portal logos. We’re now giving you the option to upload your company logo without the circular treatment. Go ahead, upload your logo in its full glory!


We also listened to your suggestion regarding themes and color branding the customer portal. Now, simply upload your company logo and we’ll take care of the rest. Automatically, you’ll have a customer portal that will match your company’s look and feel!



Rich text editor

When you’re working on a customer request in the agent view, you no longer have to remember wiki markup to format your comment. Simply use the wiki editor toolbar and Jira Service Desk will apply the markup for you.


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Introducing automation in Jira Service Desk 2.4