The future of add-ons for Jira, Confluence, and beyond.

Today, we’re proud to announce the general availability of Atlassian Connect – a completely new way to build add-ons in the cloud for Jira and Confluence OnDemand. It’s easy to get started, and you can write in the development language of your choice. And there’s already two dozen add-ons from Atlassian and our partners ready to use in Jira and Confluence OnDemand.

What’s Atlassian Connect?

Since we launched Jira and Confluence OnDemand, our customers have asked for a way to customize their OnDemand instances with add-ons from the Atlassian Marketplace. Atlassian Connect is the solution. Now, any developer can write add-ons for Jira and Confluence OnDemand. Here’s how it works:

  1. Descriptor – Any web application – written in any language – can become an Atlassian Connect add-on. All it has to do is provide a simple JSON file to describe itself to Atlassian applications. Atlassian has already built client libraries for Node.js and the Play framework to make getting started even easier.
  2. Data – Atlassian Connect add-ons can insert content into Jira and Confluence via almost two dozen UI extension points called modules. You can insert a custom field into Jira, a macro into Confluence, or a full webpage in either application. Connect add-ons can fetch data from the Atlassian app and push data back via standard REST APIs.
  3. Design – The Atlassian Design Guidelines (ADG) make it super easy to make beautiful Connect add-ons that mesh with Jira and Confluence.
  4. Ping – Add-ons can also listen to the Atlassian application for changes, like an issue transition in Jira. When a change occurs, the add-on can respond appropriately.
  5. Profit – Seriously! If you’re a developer, you can sell your Atlassian Connect add-on through the Atlassian Marketplace. Learn more here.

Get started with Atlassian Connect

Interested in learning more?

We will provide extensive training and discussion of Atlassian Connect at our upcoming annual developer conference, AtlasCamp, to be held June 3 – 5 in Berlin, Germany.  For more information, go to

A world of new add-ons for Jira and Confluence OnDemand

During our beta period, Atlassian and many partners have been hard at work building new add-ons with Atlassian Connect for OnDemand customers. You might even be one of the 800 customers that already has one installed in your instance. We’ve picked out some of our favorite new add-ons for Jira and Confluence OnDemand:

canvas confluence logoCanvas for Confluence

Interactive, real-time card boards to help teams collaborate and brainstorm, whether creating a SWOT analysis or managing tasks.

canvas jira logoCanvas for Jira

Easily create real-time issue boards; your filters select issues, display fields as rows and columns. Drag issues to change attributes.

behave pro jira logoBehave Pro

Compose, discover, and validate agile software requirements using behavior-driven development, then automate your tests with Cucumber.

eazybi jira logoZendesk for Jira

Create a seamless workflow between Zendesk tickets and Jira issues, and unite your support and engineering teams.

eazybi jira logoeazyBI for Jira OnDemand

Easy drag-and-drop creation of custom Jira reports, charts, and dashboards.

pathfinder jira logoPathfinder

An interactive way to visualize and edit issue links and identify critical paths in your team’s work.

ink file picker confluence logoInk File Picker for Confluence

Allows Confluence users to attach files to pages from over a dozen cloud storage services, including Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and SkyDrive

agile user story map jira logoAgile User Story Map

Break away from flat backlogs – Visual planning mechanism to see all your epics and the stories they contain at a glance. Drag and drop to assign and prioritize.

lucidchart confluence logoLucidchart

A leading online diagramming tool with Visio import, flowcharts, wireframes, mind maps, and more.

gantt ondemand jira logoGantt OnDemand

Visualize Jira issues, stories, and epics on a Gantt chart – dependencies and start and end dates are automatically rendered based on the Jira issue data

whos looking jira logoWho’s Looking

See who else is looking at the same Jira issue as you in real time


aha product roadmaps jira logoAha! Product Roadmaps

Create product roadmaps in Aha! then send features to Jira for development

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