What’s a fun, interesting and unobtrusive way to introduce new hires to the rest of the company? Empower them to write their own introductory blog post of course!


Confluence as an Intranet

Confluence is the life-blood of Atlassian. It serves as our company-wide intranet. Without it, we’d get no work done. Seriously.

Every team in the company has their own global space and each employee has their own personal space. When a new employee starts at Atlassian, as part of their induction they are tasked with writing a blog post in their personal space to introduce themselves to the rest of the company.

New hires in Brazil

We recently opened a new support location in Brazil to give our customers on the US East Coast some more Support love. With a bunch of talented new employees joining the team, we saw a flurry of new blog posts.

There’s no restrictions on what you can include in your first post. The title and content are completely up to you. I thought I’d share a some of the most recent posts from a couple of our new team members, Macrelo (Brazil) and Stefan (Sydney).

Stefan Blog.jpg
Marcelo Blog.jpg

Feeling welcome

Existing employees can read these posts in their own time and make the new hire feel welcome by commenting on the post. It’s a great way of discovering others within the company with similar interests and stimulating discussions, across global offices.

Keeping up-to-date

Atlassian is currently searching for 32 engineers to join our team in Sydney, Australia. So, how do I keep up-to-date on all the new people joining Atlassian? I’ve created my own custom RSS feed that notifies me of all new blog posts on the intranet.

Try it yourself

Not using Confluence yet? Try it free for 30 days, download or hosted. If you don’t want to start a trial, get your hands dirty in the Confluence sandbox.


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