Hot on the heels of the Confluence 3.1 release, we’ve given the Confluence Sandbox a lot of love.
What is it? Tell me! Tell me!
Thanks to some incredible skill from Mark Halvorson you can now take an interactive tour of Confluence with the Atlassian Assistant.
Currently, there is a single tour that takes users on a comprehensive stroll through most of Confluence’s end-user features that make it a great Intranet solution.
In this tour, you will jump into the shoes of a new employee and interactively learn how Confluence can be used as a collaborative intranet. You will see how Confluence encourages people to contribute their ideas, keeps colleagues up-to-date, facilitates the creation of documents collaboratively, and stores valuable information that needs to be shared across your organisation.
How does it work?
The slickest feature of the Atlassian Assistant is that it’s incredibly smart. It knows the the current state of Confluence. It knows what action you are currently performing and what screen you’re viewing.
It’s not dumb either. It knows when to shut up. This isn’t Microsoft’s Clippy – it can take a hint, and if you click the pause button on the bottom-right hand corner of your browser window, it will stay out of your way until you want it back.
But I want to use Confluence for…
We are working on adding more stories so the Atlassian Assistant can take you on a tour on how you can use Confluence for Documentation or for Knowledge Management.
Get Acquainted with the Atlassian Assistant!
A tour will take you no longer than 10 minutes. It’s a great way to demo the product to whoever has their finger on the budget trigger, too.

Take a tour today!

Interactive Tour of Confluence as a Collaborative ...