A while ago, in a land down under, some Atlassians gathered round a table and a keg of ale to discuss a perilous quest. In the course of time, Here Be Dragons was born.

The quest? It’s the task of installing and setting up a suite of Atlassian applications so that they share information and provide an awesome, integrated experience. Now that doesn’t sound so hard, does it?

Actually, it is quite onerous. (Feel free to substitute your own words there, if those are not quite descriptive enough.) We know it’s hard and we want to make it easier. So the Atlassians of the Round Table announced the Here Be Dragons quest.

First we needed to write some step-by-step instructions for our doughty dragon slayers. Our aim is to lead you through a typical installation and basic configuration, even to the point of providing exact configuration values. We want to get you up and running with as little pain as possible and with mass slaughter of dragons all round. There’s a good chance that a dragon will scorch the clothes off your back somewhere along the way, so we’ll send you a free, limited-edition Atlassian DragonSlayer T-shirt when you reach the end of the quest.

If you follow our instructions, you should end up with 6 integrated Atlassian applications and tools: Jira, GreenHopper, Confluence, Fisheye, Bamboo and Crowd. You will also have a customised Jira dashboard with some useful gadgets, and enough knowledge to continue with your own customisation.

The Dragons documents actually serve two purposes. They lead you through the process and they also show us exactly how complex that process is. Our next task is to reduce the number of steps in the process by making the applications easier to integrate. We’re hoping that people will give us some useful feedback that we can incorporate into our solution too.

If you’re starting out with the Atlassian ‘Get Them All’ starter pack, the Here Be Dragons guide is the perfect way to get your new applications up and running.

A number of brave souls and true have already started the quest. Stalk your fellow dragon slayers or just watch from a distance, via the Twitter stream. Here’s some of what people are saying:


Heh heh, naturally the first person to tweet that he’d slain the fire-breathing dragon is from Appfire!

If it’s support or feedback you’re after, take a look at the integration forum.

We had fun writing the Here Be Dragons guide. I hope you enjoy the quest. Go forth and wreak havoc!

Integrating Atlassian apps and slaying dragons