Small Improvements is a cloud service for easy performance reviews and peer feedback. It’s being used at Atlassian and feedback has been great. This guest blog post is by Per Fragemann, founder of Small Improvements.

Time is money, especially when you’re doing your performance reviews. You want to be back to “regular” work as quickly as possible. On the other hand, your coworkers deserve high quality feedback. At Small Improvements, we believe that speed and quality canbe achieved at the same time.Our performance review system takes a Twitter-like approach: It’s better to send small bits of feedback frequently than to wait for 6 months and then write a novel. So we added lightweight feedback to our performance review module, encouraging you to send praise and kudos regularly. Your contributions are easily accessible later during the official review, making it a lot less painful.

But — there is plenty of other data you could use as well:

Leverage the data you already have in Jira and Confluence

Both Jira and Confluence are chock-full with contributions from you and your peers — this data will help you tremendously in writing balanced performance feedback, and also remind you of your own contributions.

Instead of having to comb through Jira and Confluence manually, Small Improvements helps you to access any person’s activity stream. It’s there when you need it, for instance in a tab right on the performance review document.

Check out the video to see it all in action:

Tightly integrated in a matter of minutes

Small Improvements is a cloud service, but it connects to your in-house Atlassian products just fine! An administrator can hook it up with Confluence and Jira within minutes using a simple plugin, and Crowd can be used to handle user authentication. Your administrator can even predefine JQL queries for easy Jira access, and stream all Small Improvements announcements, kudos and suggestions right back into Confluence, using a macro. Regular users don’t have to set up anything, it just works out of the box. To make everyone feel at home, you can even re-use your Confluence profile pictures.

Need more convincing? Check out the screenshots:


The dashboard shows all activity at a glance


Streaming kudos and suggestions into Confluence


Performance review progress across the organization


2D interactive performance visualization

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