Since Jira Service Desk launched just over a month ago, we’ve heard a lot of feedback from our customers, and we want to thank everyone who spoke up! Generally the reception has been fantastic; many customers are actively using Jira Service Desk and loving it. We’ve also received a lot of negative feedback regarding our user-based pricing model for Jira Service Desk. 

  • We are sorry that some customers have experienced frustration over pricing and we apologize for our slow response to that customer feedback.
  • We built Jira Service Desk to give customers who had already chosen to license Jira across their entire organizations the robust service desk offering that they deserve.
  • We are looking into what can be done about the pricing model; there are many issues that may prevent us from being able to implement agent-based pricing. We will communicate if and when we make any pricing changes. 
  • We want to hear your thoughts on Jira Service Desk pricing and work with you to find the best solution. Please help us by filling out this survey. 

Here’s the full story: Jira Service Desk started out as an add-on to help existing Atlassian customers, who already had a Jira license for their entire team, to use Jira as an internal service desk. These teams – nearly 40% of our customers – were already using Jira as a service desk across their organization, but they were doing so without the aid of SLAs, team queues, or a knowledge base. Out of the gate, our goal was to serve our customers to the best degree possible by offering them a fully functioning service desk with SLAs and other critical features.

To keep things simple in our 1.0 offering, we decided to remain consistent with the existing, transparent, add-on pricing model. Atlassian products are almost all priced in a user-count way. None of our products distinguish between “active” users (such as service desk agents) and “passive” users (such as those who would only report tickets). However, since launch, we’ve clearly heard that many customers require a licensing model based on the number of agents, rather than the number of issue reporters.

One customer comment on a blog asked us to think about what it would cost for Atlassian to use Jira Service Desk ourselves. For us to use Jira Service Desk for our own internal service desk, where we have a limited number of “agents” addressing issues, but over 700 employees who could report issues, it would cost us $12k to add Jira Service Desk to our existing 2,000 user Jira license tier (we already use Jira across the company for issue tracking and project management). $12k to provide the entire company with Jira Service Desk would be an easy decision, compared to the cost of alternatives or the effort required to build a custom solution. This use case – as an internal service desk on top of an existing Jira instance – is what we had in mind when we built Jira Service Desk, so development and operations teams could work together in one system to best address issues. One system to set up, one system to maintain, and one system to learn.

Next week

  • We will update all of our existing Jira Service Desk blogs with a link to this blog and this survey link in order to collect pricing feedback. We want to use this survey as the primary way to interact and collect feedback around this pricing issue. If you want to help us find the best solution to Jira Service Desk pricing, please fill out the survey rather than comment about pricing on Jira Service Desk related blogs.
  • We will delete all existing pricing-related comments from Jira Service Desk blogs, in order to to keep this channel as a medium to get product feedback and answer questions on topics not focused on pricing. We will note that there was a lot of negative feedback on the pricing model that was removed. We hope you feel this is consistent with our value of open company, no bullshit while still maintaining the blogs as a useful feedback channel.

At this point in time, we cannot commit to implementing agent-based pricing. We will communicate if and when we make changes to our pricing model for Jira Service Desk, as we clearly hear the desire for from customers.

Thanks again for your interest, sorry again for any frustration that was caused, and we hope you try and are pleased with Jira Service Desk.

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