Update: Insiders webinar recording

You asked for it, so we’re posting it. Here is the recording from the webinar that took place November 20, 2013. Enjoy the presentation and please share with your team to help spread the word on how any team can use Confluence to collaborate.

You can also see the slides that we used in the presentation here:

Everyone at Atlassian uses Confluence to centralize the information they need to get work done, and collaborate with their team. From the development team, to the sales team, to the management team – everyone takes meeting notes, shares files and documents, captures useful content from around the web, and tracks important decisions in Confluence.

It’s no surprise that Confluence is core to everything we do at Atlassian. But we often hear from our customers that they could use some guidance when it comes to adoption; how can they encourage every team in their business to start using Confluence?

Wednesday November 20th: Mark your calendar

This is exactly what we’re discussing at our first-ever webinar for Confluence Insiders. In 30 minutes we’ll focus on four ways you and your team can start using Confluence more effectively based on best practices developed here at Atlassian.

We’ll show you how you and your coworkers can use Confluence to centralize all of your team’s important information. Specifically, we’ll focus on how you can:

  • Run effective meetings
  • Store and share files
  • Make decisions without meetings, and
  • Share web links to spark new ideas

You’ve got the solution, now let us show you the path to effective collaboration that results in work getting done.

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Users of every skill level are encouraged to attend, from beginners to power users. If you’re rolling Confluence out to new teams or departments in your company, invite them to see how easy it is to use Confluence for everyday collaboration. Register today!

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