This is a guest post by Marc Rambert of Kalistick, a cloud service that x-rays applications for quality and testing assessments and pushes results to Jira and GreenHopper.

Continuously delivering working software requires collaboration between developers and testers to make sure the correct tests pass before a given deployment. GreenHopper and Jira support this collaboration with a clear view of user stories included in each sprint and release. However, they do not provide a snapshot of the risks due to reduced quality or undetected regression areas.

Kalistick gives you visibility into change impact assessment and risk analysis, allowing you to increase your testing efficiency, reduce the risks of missing something, and streamline your software delivery process.

X-ray your software to discover business modules at risk

Kalistick uses a mix of static analysis techniques to check code quality, detect changes and link them to business modules (Kalistick provides a wizard to define business modules in minutes). It assess your software at any time and makes comparison between any releases, providing answers to the following questions:

  • Which business modules have been impacted by changes in a sprint or release?
  • Which business modules are at risk in a release?
  • Are there any business modules that haven’t changed since last tests?

Kalistick in GreenHopper.png

A dashboard within GreenHopper shows release or sprint assessment from a quality, change, and test perspective.

Kalistick release assessment in GreenHopper.png

You get details by business module to review if your test strategy covers the regression risks, and where you should focus your testing activities for this delivery.

Kalistick business modules impacts.png

During a sprint, testers also receive a detailed risk analysis for any user storie or issue in Jira to prioritize testing activities and to guide exploratory testing. This analysis is based on assessing any changes related to the issue in terms of quality, coverage by unit test and impact on application business modules.

Kalistick- Details for issue testing.png

Easy setup with Jira

  1. First, search the Universal Plugin Manager for the Agile Quality Management plugin or head on over to the Atlassian Plugin Exchange to download it
  2. Second, get your Kalistick credentials (free for 30 days) and decide which project you will x-ray first
  3. Third, configure the Jira plugin
  4. Finally, X-ray your software and get results in Jira and GreenHopper for Agile Testing

Feel free to contact if you have questions.

Improved Agile Testing in GreenHopper and Jira with Kalistick