It’s time to get amped people. Confluence 4.2 is just around the corner and it’s so jam-packed with new features and improvements that we need to start sharing them with you, now!

Confluence Wiki Share ButtonShare notifications get a boost

The Share button is perfect for connecting people with content you’d like to get feedback on, or work they should know about.

Need to distribute the plan for an upcoming project that’s outlined on a wiki page? What about request feedback for a new idea that you’ve published in a blog post? Two clicks, and the Share button has you covered.

Also shared with…

Have you ever received a ‘Share’ notification from Confluence that’s clearly been sent to other co-workers but you don’t know who? Didn’t you always want to now who else it had been sent to? Well, in Confluence 4.2 ‘Share’ notifications will tell you exactly who else the wiki page or blog post has been shared with.


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Knowing who else a page or blog post has been shared with makes it easier to facilitate discussion with all the parties involved  by starting a threaded discussion in Confluence. Speaking of discussions on blog posts…

Quickly find important comments on blog posts

This one’s super simple, but really, really useful. At Atlassian we’ve found that popular blog posts in Confluence attract a lot of comments. They spark some extremely valuable discussions that would otherwise be trapped in an email inbox or lost forever in speech.

When looking at a blog post with a lot of discussion, it’s important that you can quickly scan the comments and find the one’s that are most important. Typically, these are comments that have driven the original author to reply. In Confluence 4.2 we’ve made it easy for you to do just that – find the comments that usually are most worthy of reading.

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There’s even more to come in Confluence 4.2

Trust me, this post is just scratching the surface on the improvements and new features coming your way soon. Real soon.

Stay tuned for Thursday’s post, where we’ll reveal some more goodies on the way in Confluence 4.2. In particular a new feature that satisfies 117 of your votes.

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