As you may have heard, we have a new office in Europe which equates to three timezones which couldn’t be much further apart making it easy to connect with people.
Our collaborative cultural fiber drives us to fully integrate these offices. Obviously our tools such as Confluence and Jira rock for sharing information, tasks and development; but sometimes you just need to have a live chat. I thought I’d share some free tools that we’ve found useful to make that happen across timezones.

FoxClocks is a great add-on where you can add timezones to the bottom of your browser useful for the quick look at the time in a given office.

TimeScoller Widget is by far the most useful tool for lining up meetings. If you install nothing else – install this one. You can scroll to your desired meeting time and then copy and paste the times. Awesome. As a side-note the author is a loyal Jira user…

Mac iCal – Users of Mac’s iCal should turn on timezone support under the preferences pane if not already on by default. This allows you to select the timezone for each meeting which is good for when time changes in one timezone but not the other…

WEB-BASED also has a few tools (World Clock & Meeting Planner) that we’ve also found occasionally useful.

The one I dig = TimeScroller.

I'm Digging those Timezones