Here at Atlassian we like to do things a little differently. Our HR initiatives are no exception. From ShipIt Days to European Recruitment Roadshows and Hack Houses on the shore, we’re not afraid to try some pretty crazy ideas to “be the change we seek!”

A few months back we were dealing with implications of the new Australian Work, Health and Safety Laws (WHS) that took effect earlier this year. One problem we wanted to tackle in particular was finding a way to empower staff to be more pro-active about safety and involving them in discussions about WHS issues. Organisations traditionally keep track of safety issues via incident reports or notebooks carried around by WH&S Personnel, but we wanted to brainstorm a better, faster way to address safety concerns that would involve staff from every department, whilst keeping implementations costs low.

Introducing Jira Real Life

Developed during ShipIt 19, Jira Real Life is an easy-to-use app for the iPhone, that enables users to document and report issues directly to Jira. So how does it work? Simply open the app, snap a picture with your phone and add a comment (optional step). Jira Real Life will then automatically attach the image, date, time and GPS location to a newly created Jira ticket.

Because Jira Real Life uses Jira’s REST APIs to communicate with Jira, it will work with all future versions of Jira 5 – no plugins necessary! Just enter your Jira credentials and you’re ready to snap away!

At Atlassian, our staff are now using Jira Real Life to report defects they encounter around the office (e.g., poorly stored boxes of nerf guns, or broken aeron chairs), and automatically share it with our HR team for fixing. We’ve also discovered a way to use it to nominate our staff for rewards and recognition (i.e., Atlassian’s Kudos Program), and reimburse employees for basic expenditures. (Hurray for no longer having to worry about losing receipts!).

How Creative Can you Get with Your Jira Real Life?

We’re interested to know what other creative ways your company might use Jira Real Life. Do you document damaged goods in inventory warehouses? Generate ideas for new graphic campaigns inspired by street art? Save the world by documenting crime? Whatever it is, share your story with us and we may even send you a few free t-shirts.

Jira Real Life