We receive emails now and again from new customers who ask us to recommend strategies for rolling out Confluence to their users. User adoption can be a problem with just about any new technology, even if it’s one as simple as a wiki. You know wikis can improve collaboration, productivity and communication, but how do you get your team to see the light? I read several articles today from different authors that help identify some of the problems and suggest some strategies for introducing social software into the organisation.

At Atlassian, Jonathan started a page on this topic, patterns of wiki adoption, but we could use your feedback on it. Share your experiences of wiki adoption with us. I’ll be adding the links above to this page. (One note: You have to create an account on this site in order to view the page)
I also recommend reading how other Confluence customers were able to rollout a wiki in their organisations in our case studies. (Got a case study you’d like to share, please let us know.) Finally, please feel free to comment on our blogs with other suggestions, resources, or ideas you’ve found helpful in your organisation.

How to Get Your Co-Workers to Use a Wiki...