As a new ‘face’ on the Atlassian News Blog, I should probably introduce myself. I recently started working at Atlassian as a Business Analyst, charged with ensuring that our internal systems continue to provide legendary service to our customers.
With all the interest that’s out there about Atlassian and its famous culture, I thought I’d share a few hints about how I got the job…
In fact, I’d say that there were two things that significantly helped me get the job:
(1) Right Time, Right Place
BarCamp Sydney was being held a few days before my Atlassian interview. It’s a free-form conference where attendees decide their own content and present to each other. I came along to participate and present on my two favourite topics: OzTiVo and World of Warcraft (my character).
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As it turns out, Atlassian was a sponsor and Mike Cannon-Brookes (Atlassian CEO) came along to talk about his favorite topics — entrepreneurship and Atlassian! Needless to say, I managed to fight through the crowds to introduce myself to Mike and then sat through his presentation, which morphed into clues on how to apply for a job at Atlassian.
The payoff was three days later, when I was introduced to Mike during my interview and he recognised me — hooray!

(2) A Visual Approach
I’ll admit it — I’ve got a long resumé. Truth be told, I don’t really expect people to read it all. So, I pepper it up with a few company logos.
However, the night before my interview, I decided to turn my corporate history into a colourful timeline, thus:

As it turned out, my interviewers immediately took to this 1-page summary of my career. Somebody even commented how this single page contains 90% of what they look for in a resumé.
I think it must have helped because not long after I received a follow-up phone call that led to my job offer.
And that’s how I got the job!
If you’re looking for more hints about what makes a good Atlassian, take a look at Jonothan Nolan’s recent blog post.
— John Rotenstein

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