The following is a guest post from Patrick Berry and Scott Jungling of CSU Chico. Second in a three part series this week: (read part one)

Our Approach: The 3 in 3 Method

Our plan was simple: create three spaces every three months. Spaces would be granted to those who applied and interviewed for a space. If a department was granted a space, they would be given three groups where they could provision and/or de-provision as many users as they wished.

Three: The recurring theme

Why the number 3 for everything? Support. The Confluence Pilot Project was given only enough money to purchase a license and expected to have zero to minimal impact on staff time. We felt that it would be easy enough to support three groups at a time with the hope that by the end of the three months, those groups would be self-supported by the power-users of each space.

The Interview: Why do you need a wiki?

The interview process was very informal. We’d invite the heads of the groups to sit down for a short chat about why they felt needed a wiki. What other solutions had they tried? How would they use it? Were they concerned about privacy? For us, it was a chance to understand how to support their needs. For the interviewees, it was an opportunity for introspection and really think about what a wiki would do for them. The best use of a wiki comes from a better understanding of your own business processes.

How does CSU Chico build demand for wiki use and g...