Wikis are the future of enterprise collaboration, so improving adoption and effective use in your organization is key to realizing benefits like reduced email, fewer meetings and less time spent in meetings, and faster knowledge generation. Want to know more about how to achieve this?
Atlassian invites you to a presentation on enterprise wiki adoption and growth strategies at our new office in Sydney next Wednesday, 11 July, at 5:30pm. Beer and pizza will be served at 5:30, and I’ll give a presentation at 6:00, followed by Q&A and an opportunity to socialize with other customers and Atlassian staff.
I’ll share strategies for wiki adoption in a range of different environments, projects, and types of organizations. I’ll also discuss and the practice of applying patterns to help coordinate peoples’ efforts and guide the growth of content, as well as recognizing and resolving anti-patterns that might otherwise hinder growth, so that your wiki has the best chance of success.
Click here for more information and to RSVP.
We look forward to seeing you next week!

How do you grow wiki adoption? – 11 July 200...