This blog from Ephox is excellent! I really appreciated the thoughts about the value of support, and this blog nailed it.

As social beings people basically want to make connections with people, yet in situations where products are bought and sold online interactions between your clients and your staff can be few and far between. In fact, its likely that most of those interactions are going to be through your support desk. It’s those experiences of your company that your clients are going to remember and there’s a good chance they will tell their friends and colleagues about them. Indeed, it’s those experiences that your company may well live and die by, at least in the eyes of your clients. Though perhaps even more importantly, these experiences give us within companies the opportunity to learn more about our clients – what do they want, what features they are using, what we can improve, what do they find difficult, what do they wish the product could do or, from one person to another, whether they are having a good day or not.

Thanks, also, for the shout out:

There are glimpses of brilliance in the support field out there though. An example of a company who is doing this right is Atlassian. Their promise and delivery of Legendary Service shows that they really understand the importance of supporting their clients.

In addition to gathering feedback from outside of the company, Atlassian staff frequently eat our own dog food by submitting product bugs to our developer teams and questions to our support team in much the same way our customers do (through our help ticket systems). We learn from our own experience what it’s like to “deal with support,” and then keep iterating and making improvements. We continually strive to improve support to keep our promise of legendary service. So, on that note… feedback welcome. 🙂

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