Your company’s culture plays a huge role in attracting and retaining talent, fostering community and relationships, and dictating overall company direction. Inc. magazine even has a whole section devoted to it. So given how much importance is placed on company culture, why would you risk not having a strong one? The first step towards a strong culture is good communication, so we thought we’d share how chat helps build the company culture at Atlassian.

Open company, no bullshit

The less friction there is around communication, the more it takes place. Hipchat’s intuitive interface makes it easy for us to share information with each other, and follow our “Open company, no bullshit” value. Persistent chat, searchable chat history, and our files and links tab makes it easy to remember who said what, about which project, when – and then get back to work.

Pro tip: The Hipchat team updates the topic of our team room to post leads and bookings numbers, so everyone knows how our product is doing.




Build with heart and balance




By integrating Hipchat with our development tools, our team gets real-time notifications on the state of our code, making it easy to stay on top of our product. Since our tools are integrated with chat, our team can worry less about process and focus more on our end users’ experience. Hipchat helps us build with heart and balance.

Don’t #@!& the customer




At Atlassian, we care deeply about our customers, so we prioritize their feedback. By feeding our customer support tickets right into our chat rooms, we can handle issues in real time and shoot out a fix to our customers in minutes, not days. Happy customers mean a happy business.


Play, as a team




Company culture has a lot to do with team chemistry. Employees have to care about each other in order to work well together. So we open up chat rooms for all kinds of interests, ranging from music, athletics, board game nights, and more. Emoticons and animated gifs also keep conversations fun. The team that plays together, wins together.

Pro tip: Each account can add up to 50 custom emoticons. Add your teammates’ faces and make chat even more fun.

Be the change you seek

All of the above values lead to this final one. Successful changes require us to be honest with ourselves, so that we can build a solution that exceeds everyone’s expectations by a mile – all while having fun doing it. By enabling open communication, bringing technology and users into the conversation, and having a good time, we achieve this goal.

These are just our values at Atlassian –  your company’s values may be different. But you can always be the change you seek, and bring an awesome communication tool like Hipchat to your team. Try Hipchat for free for 30 days and see how much it can help build your company’s culture.

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How using Hipchat helps build our company culture