This is a guest post from K15t Software, Atlassian Experts and makers of Scroll Office, Scroll Versions, Scroll PDF Exporter, and many other Confluence add-ons.

If you manage complex content in Confluence, Scroll Versions is a must-have add-on for keeping your Confluence instance organized. With it, you can manage concurrent versions of pages or product documentation in one space, enhance content-reuse, improve SEO, and now publish to an existing Confluence space!

We’ve taken all the customer feedback we’ve received since we launched Scroll Versions last year, and today we’re proud to announce what’s new in Scroll Versions 2.0.

Page Info Panel

Scroll Versions introduced the “Page Info Panel” and in Versions 2.0, we’ve overhauled it completely. Its primary function is still to select the working version in which you are making changes, but it now also provides all the important information you need to know about the current page, including:

  • A list of all page versions
  • Which variants of the page are available
  • Where it has been reused
  • Where it has been published

But the best thing: It’s fun to work with! We’ve incorporated the Atlassian Design Guidelines to give it an awesome look and feel. (My personal favorite: you can now double-click to expand and collapse the page info panel.)

Page Info Panel


Variant Management

Variant Management is especially important when you need to document slightly different variations of the same product or service. It’s necessary to define which content is relevant, in the right context, to the right users.

So we allow you to get content attributes at the page level or within pages (using the new Conditional Content macro), and variants define which attributes are required to make the content relevant to a variant.

Variant Management


See the Variant Management feature in action:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Defining an HTML title tag is critical to SEO–it impacts how a page is displayed in the search engine results. With Scroll Versions 2.0 you can define both how the HTML title tag is rendered and how the page will be displayed in search results.

SEO Enhancement

What else?

A lot.

For example, we’ve added the ability to publish to an existing space, which enables separate spaces for authoring and publishing.

Also, we have taken some time to improve the usability:

  • The page tree remembers its status and keeps the nodes open
  • Warnings for pages that are not in status “complete” are displayed
  • Having a progress bar in the publishing process

Check out the Scroll Versions 2.0 Release Notes to get a full overview about all the new features and bug fixes.

PS: Need duplicate page titles?

With Scroll Versions you can have multiple page titles in one space. By separating the URL (permalinks) from the displayed page titles it is finally possible to use the same page titles in one Confluence space.

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As an Atlassian Expert, K15t Software has a long history of expertise with Atlassian products and a strong relationship with Atlassian. Our team has been using Jira since 2002 and Confluence since 2004. Our mission is to create tools for wiki-based documentation for Confluence, and help you get the most out of Confluence, Jira, Stash and Crowd.

Email if you need any information or help, or meet us at the next Atlassian Summit in San Francisco.

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