Like a lot of tech companies here in the Bay area, at Atlassian San Francisco, we roll out the beer and wine cart every Friday afternoon.

Except that our beer cart is actually a beer bicycle driven around the office by a new hire, who hand-delivers a cold tallboy to every employee who wants one. At a rapidly growing office of 150 people, it’s a great to make sure everyone meets face to face!

The problem

Organizing our beer cart delivery is simple, but flawed. It’s up to each new hire to load his basket with a variety of beers and snacks. We’re stocked with ales, IPAs, stouts, etc., but how do you expect a new employee to know everyone’s beer of choice? Typically what happens is that the first few teams served will find their favorite bottles available, but the remaining lot rarely do.

The solution

Dan Chuparkoff, Atlassian’s new Jira product marketing lead, found a simple solution through Confluence. Today, he uploaded a page with a simple seating chart made out of Confluence tables and mentions, and asked everyone to edit it with their name and beer of choice.

Thanks Dan, for a simple solution to a nagging problem. And as a result, today 1) we will all get our favorite beer and 2) everyone in the office will know Mr. Dan Chuparkoff:


Have a great weekend everyone!

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