Hipchat 1-to-1 video chat and screen sharing have arrived. Start a video chat and share your screen with anyone on your team. Here’s what we’ve got waiting for you in our latest release:

  • Start and receive 1-to-1 video or audio calls
  • Share your screen with co-workers
  • A sweet new logo

Please note: If you’re currently using Hipchat under our Free for 5 plan, you’ll be able to try video and screen sharing free for 30 days. After that, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid account to keep using the new features.

If you’re already on a paid account, Hipchat video and screen sharing will be available at no extra cost.

Voice or video – it’s your call

Sometimes video is worth a thousand words. To start a video chat, open up a 1-to-1 chat with a co-worker and click the video icon. Want to start an audio call instead? Just click the phone icon. Easy.

Hipchat Video

Sync up with screen sharing

Get on the same page (literally) by sharing your screen so you can work together on any project. Just click the screen share button in any video chat and build genuine consensus to get your work done quicker.

Hipchat Screen Sharing

A new logo, a new chapter

You’ll also notice that we have a new logo that fits into the Atlassian family. Over the next year, Hipchat will integrate with the Atlassian ecosystem and enhance the communication experience for all teams. With these new developments, Hipchat will be sure to grow and support you as your team grows too.

Check out Hipchat today

Hipchat video and screen sharing are here...