Ever want to make an important announcement that only effects Confluence users but you don’t want to spam people with an email, or it’s not worthy of a blog post? I’ve got a simple solution for you, add a banner to Confluence!
Global Announcements
Hidden away in the Confluence Admin console is a configuration that allows you to add a custom HTML site-wide banner. It’s great for making announcements that affect all users. For example:

“Please be aware that this site will be down for scheduled maintenance on…”

Below is an example of the banner we have on the Confluence Sandbox:
Check out our documentation for instructions and an example that you can customise and use on your own Confluence site.
Space Announcements
What about making announcements that only affect a subset of users? Well you can always add a banner to the top of every page in a particular space by modifying the main layout for that space. Below is an example of the banner we have added to our Confluence Documentation space:
Documentation Version.png
For a demo of how to actually do this in Confluence, check out the short video below.

Now you know how it’s done, what announcements will you be making?

Hidden Feature: Add a banner to Confluence...