Git. By now you’ve heard about all the awesome things it provides such as cheap branching, high redundancy, the flexibility to work anywhere – the list goes on. But you need the right tools to unlock the true power of Git: the ability to collaborate on code.

At Atlassian, we believe in providing the right tools to every developer, so they can focus on writing the best code. With the latest releases of Stash and Bitbucket, we’ve aligned our Git tools so users will have the same optimized user experience featuring our new sidebar navigation, regardless of where they want to host their code.

With Bitbucket in the cloud and Stash on your own servers, we have the right solution for your environment and the option to switch seamlessly, if necessary.


Working together – anytime, anywhere

With teams becoming more and more distributed, they’re no longer just collaborating between timezones, but also across languages. We’re striving to make it simpler for teams everywhere to work with Git – regardless of their language – with the new support of Japanese, French, and German in our Git tools (and for you Bitbucket users, we’ve even got a few additional ones).


Distributed teams also often have customized workflows for each sub team, be it feature branching, a forking workflow, or anything between. New to Git? Add a Jira issue key to your branch name for immediate traceability and easy branch management. Want to bring in a subject matter expert? Have them work off a forked repo to keep the master secure. Regardless of your requirements, both Bitbucket and Stash are flexible enough to meet your team’s needs.

Collaborative reviews via pull requests

Pull requests are Git’s native mechanism for code reviews, and Atlassian provides all the “extras” you need to make them an integrated part of your team’s workflow. With a bunch of commits done, you want to make sure you’ve got them all covered before you create a pull request and get feedback. The branch compare feature, now available in Stash as well, gives you a quick view of all the changes and commits between branches, whether it’s your latest feature work or the home stretch before release.


While best practices encourage frequent bite-sized reviews, sometimes sorting through the file to find the changes takes longer than reviewing the change itself. We changed all that. With side-by-side diffs in fluid width (now in Bitbucket!) and hunk map navigation, identifying code changes is a breeze in either tool. Got feedback? Go ahead and comment away in your pull requests and get that discussion started.



Communicate with comments

Collaboration is all about communication. From @ mentions to in-line commenting, we built both Stash and Bitbucket to be a truly collaborative platform. Comment in a diff right on a line of code or with it a commit; comments are no longer limited to just pull requests. Give context and share feedback so your team can iterate on code quickly without exchanging endless emails or sitting through review sessions.



As more and more teams are moving to and growing with Git, we’re excited to provide the best tools possible to help you all collaborate and build great products. We’re working hard to bring Stash and Bitbucket closer together so you can have the same experience regardless of which tool you choose. On the cloud or behind the firewall, Atlassian has the Git solution for your environment.


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