Talk to your users. Build better apps. Get better reviews.

These steps seem simple enough, but we’re not surprised that things can get a little tricky when you try to walk the walk. How do you connect with your users and collect feedback with the detail you need to fix bugs quickly, add features relevantly, and make a better app overall?

Well, mobile developers, ask and ye shall receive.

Last October, we launched Jira Mobile Connect, a tool to gather in-app feedback from your users. In January 2012, we introduced iPad compatibility and HockeyApp integration for JMC, so that developers could seriously beta test their apps before releasing them to the wild. The Mobile Connect ecosystem is only getting bigger.

Your ticket out of 1 Star Hell

We know it’s frustrating for developers to sit back and wonder what’s behind those 1-star ratings. It’s just as bad for users who flame you on forums or Twitter, or vent via emails and app store ratings because they don’t have a better outlet to voice their feedback. So, what’s the first step to starting a dialogue with these users, and turning their comments into useful data so you can make a stronger, better app?

Check out Jira Mobile Connect for iOS: this baby’s going to help you get out of 1 Star Hell and straight through the pearly gates into 5 Star Heaven. Instead of pulling your hair out, wondering what the hell users were doing on your app when it crashed, Jira Mobile Connect engages users to collect salient feedback right when you need it—and they want it—most. It’s time for you to throw out that broken feedback loop and join the side of the light.

And what’s more, Jira Mobile Connect comes free with Jira, a tool for bug and defect tracking as well as project management. It sits at the center of your dev team, connecting your team with a bigger picture of the work that they’re doing, and starts at just $10/month for 10 users.

No more weeping and gnashing your teeth while you try to appease the gods of the App Store. Come join us in 5 Star Heaven. (And it’s a helluva heaven, if we do say so ourselves.)


Android devs—we haven’t forgotten you. We’re working on making Mobile Connect Android-compatible, but the platform is substantially (surprise!) more complex. If you want to be involved and get us to 1.0 more quickly, we could use your help testing out Jira Mobile Connect for Android.


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