Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock you may have heard that we are delivering a faster, richer, and more reliable editing experience in Confluence 4.0. We understand the enormity of this change for your user-base and we want you to know that we are working really hard to provide you with all the resources you’ll need to make sure your transition to Confluence 4.0 is a smooth one. Whether you are a Confluence Administrator, User, or Plugin Developer, we’ve got your back.

Watch ‘Preparing for Confluence 4.0’ by Ryan Thomas

Watch as Confluence Developer extraordinaire, Ryan Thomas, walks you through everything you should know about preparing to upgrade to Confluence 4.0.

Try Confluence 4.0 and tell us what you think

We’d love to know what you think of the new editor that’s coming in Confluence 4.0. Get your hands on the early access preview and be sure to tell us what we can do to make sure this release kicks ass.


Helping You Prepare for Confluence 4.0...