We’re hiring locals all across Europe!

If you live in Europe, we’re hiring in a city near you. We’re on the hunt to hire in-country Atlassian Ambassadors throughout Europe. We’re looking for people who have a combination of engineering-savvy, marketing know-how, and a little pizzaz to represent Atlassian in their countries. Read the Ambassador job description to see if this role fits you or someone you know.

Our recruitment drive for Ambassadors leverages our (inventive) Atlassian “32” campaign we launched last year. The company is offering several special incentives for recruiters and free international flights for public referrals. Help us find someone to fill these roles and we’ll book you a free flight to Sydney, San Francisco or Amsterdam (your choice).

Going local with 100,000 more translations

In tandem with the announcement of our Ambassador recruitment, we’re launching local versions of our website in German, French & Japanese. We’re also pushing out Atlassian Local pages for 34 different countries, making it far easier to engage with the Atlassian community, or track Atlassian-related events in your region.

In addition, we’re taking our new crowdsourced translations platform,, public. We’ve received over 100,000 translations from customers and partners during the beta program, providing over 30 language packs for Atlassian’s core products: Jira, GreenHopper and Confluence.

Tell a mate!

Between hiring Ambassadors, localised content and the new translations, we’re getting even more excited about Europe. You can help the community out by telling a friend about the Ambassador role or committing a translation.


Hello Europe, we’re hiring