Penny Edwards over at Headshift recently blogged about the social intranet they deployed to over 5,000 employees at Freshfields. Freshfields is a large, international law firm providing business law advice throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the US. The platform they chose? Confluence.
According to Penny, “The firm had an old, tired intranet, where things were difficult to find and keep up-to-date.” Sound familiar? 🙂 They chose Confluence because “Confluence represented a low-cost enterprise-level solution.” Particularly, they looked to take advantage of Confluence spaces, themes, labels, “great out of the box search and RSS feeds.
What’s particularly unique about Freshfields is that they integrated Confluence with iGoogle to provide people with personalised home pages. With iGoogle being an OpenSocial container, it sounds like Freshfields will benefit a lot from Atlassian’s OpenSocial strategy. Look for more news on that front shortly. In the mean time, check out Headshift’s presentation:

Headshift on Wikis for Law Firms...